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Ronda Rousey says she owes the fans an apology

The highlight of WrestleMania for many fans was seeing Ronda Rousey’s debut. I think she has silenced her critics because her performance in the Mixed Tag Team Match was great. Kurt Angle has been saying for weeks that she is really good for her level of experience and he was not kidding.

After the show, Rousey was interviewed by ESPN and she acknowledged that she had to prove the skeptics wrong and she apologized to the fans. “I owe the WWE universe an apology, because I thought they were going to boo me out of the building from day one,” she said. “They really accepted me from day one. Hopefully, I satisfied a lot of skeptics tonight.”

She added, “I underestimated how kind the WWE universe would be. I thought any outsiders would be shunned. I was expecting to get shunned and to have to battle to be accepted. I worked my ass off to pay respect to what’s so important to them, and hopefully they saw that tonight. I’m just so grateful, man. I’m trying my best to deserve it.”

She is also well-liked by people in the WWE locker room. I noted a few weeks ago that she has made every effort to shake hands with people backstage and to fit in. All of the things said about her not wanting special perks are true. People that have interacted with her backstage have said that she comes off genuine. The problem with some celebrities that work for WWE is that they are there for a paycheck or to promote a movie. In Rousey’s case, she genuinely wants to be there and loves pro wrestling.

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