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Ronda Rousey shares update on family expansion plans

The latest episode of Total Divas on the E! Network aired this past Tuesday covered Ronda Rousey’s most recent match under the WWE banner. 

Becky Lynch beat Rousey and Charlotte Flair to win the WWE Raw and SmackDown Women’s Titles at WrestleMania 35 in a Winner Take All Match. During this match, Rousey suffered a broken hand.

It was later revealed that Rousey broke her hand in the contest. She took a hiatus from the company to start a family. 

Rousey spoke with E! Online about how things are going and an update on her plans to get pregnant in order to expand the family with Travis Browne.

“We’re just putting it out in the universe and letting nature take its course and not trying to rush it or put any pressure on ourselves,” Rousey said. “Just kind of enjoy our time as a family together. Enjoying every day and accepting it whenever it happens.”

“You know, we’re not taking ovulation tests or anything like that,” she continued. “But, I’m also not on the road 200 days a year and taking power bombs every night. So, I’m sure that helps.”

Back in October, Triple H indicated that Rousey would be back in WWE soon. For more on that, click here. 


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