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Ronda Rousey's line on Raw about her husband was scripted by WWE



Last week on Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey sat on commentary during Nia Jax' match. She didn't sound too comfortable and it looks like some of the blame can be laid on the creative team. At one point, Michael Cole said something about Jax remarking that Rousey is ripe for the picking. Rousey responded with, "ripe for the picking is something only my husband calls me." The line was awkward the first time he said it but it was worse when she repeated it the second time after the commercial break.

It sounded like something that she would not have come up with herself and it was confirmed on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio that it was scripted for her to say.

Dave Meltzer said, "So the Ronda thing was evidently scripted and that's probably why the announcers went back and asked the same question twice. Several people [in WWE] have remarked that [it was] very bad judgment putting Ronda in that position, scripted. Clearly, she wasn't with it. She was so standoffish. It was the wrong Ronda. You can tell she's not a good actress. When she's not happy you can see right through it."

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Meltzer added, "it was bad creative to put her in a position to sit there for 11 minutes and have nothing to say other than 'my husband says that.'"

Meltzer has always said that that Rousey is better when she is allowed to be herself so his quote on her should not be taken as a criticism of her. The micromanaging and over scripting of promos has hurt the product and it's hurting her because it's obvious when she is not into what she's doing.

Just to add to what Meltzer said, I have heard that there were people backstage groaning at the line. According to a recent Ric Flair interview, Rousey's time in WWE might be limited so hopefully, WWE can figure out a better way to utilize her instead of asking her to repeat awkward lines from creative or Vince McMahon.

Rousey vs. Jax for the Raw Women's Championship is scheduled for Sunday's Money In The Bank pay-per-view.