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Rosa Mendes nude Total Divas clip is back online; WWE pulls Cheap Pops cartoon

WWE released episode one of a new cartoon series titled "WWE Cheap Pops" featuring John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Stephanie McMahon, and others. The video was pulled from WWE's official YouTube account today for some reason. The video was produced by LowBrow Studios. Mike Parker, the creative director for LowBrow Studios, wrote on his Facebook page:

"Welp. I don't know any details, but WWE had to take Cheap Pops down super fast," Parker wrote on his Facebook account. "It was doing great, thanks for all the shares...but yeah. We'll see what happens!"

The Total Divas clip that was posted earlier this week (featuring Rosa Mendes nude) was pulled but is back up now. You can check it out below.

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