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Rules revealed for the WWE Draft

The rules for the WWE Draft have been revealed, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Due to the length of Raw, that brand will get 41 draft picks and Friday Night SmackDown will get to pick 30 Superstars. For every 2 SmackDown draft picks, 3 will be drafted to Raw. Tag teams will count as one draft pick and the undrafted talent will essentially be treated as free agents and can sign with the brand of their choosing.

As noted earlier, Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins will kick off Friday Night SmackDown. Reigns will represent SmackDown and Rollins will represent Raw. The winning brand will get the first draft pick.

Click here for more backstage news on the draft and click here for a list of celebrities scheduled to appear tomorrow night on the WWE Draft episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Needless to say, WWE is hoping to draw a big rating this week for the draft. I’m told FOX wants the draft to be sports-like, which is why so many sports personalities are scheduled to appear.

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