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Rumor killer on Alexa Bliss retirement reports

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Rumor killer on Alexa Bliss retirement reports

During the last few days, a rumor has circulated on social media with the claim being that Alexa Bliss is going to retire. The story has picked up steam in the last 48 hours or so.

For the record, no credible website has reported anything about Bliss retiring as a wrestler. As noted earlier, the reason why she has yet to be cleared and the reason why she is not scheduled to wrestle at Survivor Series is that she suffered more than one concussion in a short period of time.

We first reported the news about her concussion and Dave Meltzer reported today about the multiple concussions.

Bliss, seemingly in response to the retirement rumors, sent out the following tweet to let fans know that she plans on returning to the ring:

In the meantime, Bliss has been working in a manager role at live events. She will be the team captain for the Raw Women’s team at Survivor Series.

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