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Rumor killer on CM Punk's status for WWE WrestleMania in Tampa

CM Punk

There's been a ton of speculation on CM Punk on whether he will wrestle again for WWE. That speculation intensified this week when Punk, on his first full episode of WWE Backstage, responded to a tweet from Rollins. In the final minutes of the show, Punk cut a promo on actor Tom Arnold and dropped Rollins name towards the end of his promo.

On Friday, Rollins was interviewed by 101.1 WKQX in Chicago to promote the SummerSlam pay-per-view. Among many things, he was asked about Punk and Rollins made it clear that he wants a match with him at WrestleMania.

Rollins said about Punk: "The bottom line is - the funny thing is, for me, for a guy telling me I need to look for relevancy, here's someone who has been in the doldrums for the last few years because he got his butt kicked in the Octagon so bad that he didn't want to show his face anywhere. Now he shows back up on a WWE TV show. It's called WWE Backstage. You can say it's an FS1 show all you want, which it is, and you might be paid by FOX, but that show doesn't exist without our company, the company that you left five years ago. So, say whatever you want, play it however you want. That's what Punk always does. At the end of the day, if he wants to come on our show and run his mouth about me and about a company that he has no part of for the past five years, then, of course, I'm gonna stand up for it."

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Rollins continued, "This is a place that has given me everything that I've ever wanted in my life and not only me, but it's provided a living for my family, for people that I love, that I care about. And of course, I'm gonna have its back. I'm not gonna sit here and let you push it around, and push me around, and act like you're so cool. You couldn't bust a cherry in a fruit fight, dude. I wanna make some money so if CM Punk wants to talk all the smack in the world, I've invited him a million times to now come to my ring, come to my domain on live television where you can't hide behind anything, no desk in LA. Come, let's do this thing, man. Let's fight, let's fight it out like men."

Rollins was asked where he would like the match to take place. WWE just happens to be near Punk's home for Survivor Series weekend. Rollins said, "Look, we're in his backyard, right? I mean literally, we could probably get to his house in like 10 minutes. I don't know, I don't know where he lives but we could probably get there pretty quickly. So he knows where I'm gonna be on Sunday, and Monday, and maybe Saturday, maybe Friday, who knows? ... but he knows for sure where I'm gonna be on Sunday and Monday. Maybe he's hiding out in LA, waiting to sit behind his little desk or maybe he's a little keyboard warrior too, who knows? I don't know what he's up to so the bottom line is wherever, whenever he wants to do the thing, if he wants to man up and do it, I'm there. For me, the only place the match happens is WrestleMania in the main event because that's the only reason I'm picking a fight with him. I've got no other interest than that. If he's interested, it's out there man. Any time you're ready, let's go."

For what it's worth, as of now, there is no deal between Punk and WWE. People close to Punk insist that there is no match booked or planned for WrestleMania and he has no plans to step in the ring in the immediate future. As Punk said on WWE Backstage and during recent interviews, he is open to wrestling again but WWE management will have to reach out to him if the match is going to happen. So, in a nutshell, everything that Rollins is saying about Punk right now he is doing on his own without cooperation from Punk. Of course, that can all change and this can all be turned into an angle if WWE is able to agree to terms with Punk.

You can listen to what Rollins said about Punk in the video below.