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Rumor killer on Daniel Bryan's status with WWE



There have been a lot of rumors in recent days about Daniel Bryan's status with WWE. Last week, Brie Bella did an interview where she talked about Bryan's attempt to get cleared by WWE. She noted that he's been cleared by outside doctors. Somehow, people turned her comments into "Daniel Bryan has been cleared by WWE."

WWE is advertising Bryan as a special referee for a dark match between Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles at the doubleheader event scheduled for Chicago, IL later this month. That advertisement added more fuel to the rumors about a WWE in-ring return for Bryan.

In reality, Bryan has not been cleared to wrestle and as of right now, he still cannot take any bumps. The reason why he was added as the special guest referee is that they wanted to give a boost to the ticket sales.

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Bryan has been doing hyperbaric chamber therapy and he says that it's helped him a lot and his test results are better. He feels that there's a 15-20% chance of being cleared by WWE. So, yes, there is a chance that he will return to the ring in WWE but nothing has changed from WWE's standpoint. If Bryan gets a negative test result then he will not wrestle again, for WWE or elsewhere.

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