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Rumor killer on plans for Goldberg's return to WWE



A couple of readers have emailed to ask about a rumor claiming that Goldberg is being brought back to beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship at the show in Saudi Arabia on June 7.

The story is 100 percent false. There are no plans for Goldberg to wrestle Kofi Kingston. Furthermore, WWE has yet to decide on what Goldberg will be doing on the show and, as of today, there are no plans for him after Saudi Arabia.

Another rumor is that Goldberg will eventually wrestle Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Again, Brock Lesnar is scheduled for Saudi Arabia but there is nothing scheduled for Lesnar (as of today) for the Fall although it seems more likely that he will wrestle more for WWE now that it looks like talks with UFC have fallen through. There have been no talks about another Lesnar vs. Goldberg match.

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