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Rumor Killer on reason for Roman Reigns' absence on Raw this week



Roman Reigns was missing on Raw this week and plenty of people noticed. We actually had a little bit of warning that he wouldn't be making the television show in Virginia, but some fans were still taken aback by his absence leading them to formulate some theories of their own.

One fan asked Dave Meltzer if WWE had a reason for not bringing Roman Reigns to Raw this week for another reason. He asked the Wrestling Observer Newsletter author if WWE was testing the waters to see how Raw would perform without Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns was just taking some time off after an incredibly stressful time on the road making towns all over the world. Therefore, he asked WWE for the time off so he could be with his family and they granted his request.

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Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE sometimes makes their Superstars look like hypocrites when they do things like this seeing how Reigns often brags about the fact that he doesn't miss work. But it just seems to be the case of Reigns taking some time for personal rest and relaxation. So don't be worried that the Big Dog is losing his place at all because his story will be waiting on him when he comes back next week.