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Rumor killer on the John Cena-Carmella dating rumors

We usually try to stay away from these kinds of stories unless someone makes a public statement but since the story is all over Twitter and we’ve gotten a couple emails about it, let’s talk about the rumor going around that says that John Cena and Carmella are dating.

The rumor is not true and we were told that it originated on a blind item blog on Sunday and then it got picked up by a few wrestling sites on Monday. One person in WWE tells us that there is still a chance that Nikki Bella and John Cena will wind up back together at one point. “Not at all, 100% BS,” said the source about the Carmella-Cena rumor.

Here is the line that started this rumor on the Hollywood blind item site:

“This entertainer/actor has already moved on and is hooking up with one of the stars of this show which involves the entertainment part of the actor’s career.”

Over the course of the day on Monday that line somehow morphed into “John Cena is dating Carmella.”

So there you have it. There is nothing to that story.

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