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Rumor killer on Triple H leaving WWE to start his own wrestling company

There has been a lot of speculating among fans that Triple H is probably not happy about the changes being made in NXT and fans think that he might want to step away from WWE and start his own wrestling company.

Triple H is one of the most powerful people in the company and many expect him and wife Stephanie McMahon to be in full control of things when Vince steps down. However, some of the moves being made this year have left a lot of people wondering if perhaps Nick Khan and Bruce Prichard gaining so much power will change Hunter’s plans.

On the Wrestling Observer board, Dave Meltzer shut down speculation on Hunter leaving the company.

“He has serious health issues nor does he have the money to be able to start a company,” Meltzer said, “This is much to do about nothing.”

So, if you are expecting to see another major wrestling promotion to pop up in the next few years, don’t expect to see it come from Triple H.

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