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WWE Money in the Bank is still several months away, but a rumor regarding a potential winner for the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match has been making the rounds.

That rumor was about how LA Knight was scheduled to win the bout to earn a future title match of his choosing. Fightful Select reports he has not even been discussed as a possible winner.

It's also been rumored that the Money in the Bank ladder matches could be returning to WrestleMania instead of taking place at their own standalone event as Triple H wants to move away from holding gimmicked-themed events such as MITB, TLC, and Hell in a Cell.

Fightful's report noted that several members of WWE's creative team and higher-ups in the company stated that while the idea isn't impossible, nothing has come across their desks as of yet.

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"I like LA Knight, but we don't even have definitive plans across the board for months down the line, much less next year's Money in the Bank. If we wanted it on him so bad, it wouldn't have been hard to take Theory's to put on him. I've never heard him discussed in the same conversation as Money in the Bank. Not that it couldn't happen, because he's a great performer, but it's not been discussed," the source said.

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