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Rumored WrestleMania match looks like it's not happening (SMACKDOWN SPOILER)

It appears like the rumored Stardust vs. Goldust rematch will not be happening. Based on the way Smackdown was booked it's now looking like Goldust and Stardust will be part of the ladder match for the Intercontinental title.

Goldust sent out the following tweet:

I won't give away the Smackdown spoilers here (click here for the spoilers) but the main event at tonight's tapings indicates that the following names will be involved in the ladder match at WrestleMania:

- Dolph Ziggler
- Dean Ambrose
- Luke Harper
- Bad News Barrett
- R-Truth
- Daniel Bryan
- Stardust
- Goldust

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Goldust was not involved in the main event at Smackdown but his tweet is a pretty strong hint that he'll be in the ladder match. I don't know this and this is just a guess but I could see Sheamus coming back and attacking Bryan and taking him out of the ladder match. If not then the other logical thing they could do with Sheamus is have him enter the Andre The Giant battle royal and have him win it since the plan is for him to be top heel.