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Rumored WWE Royal Rumble surprise seems unlikely for tonight’s show

Jacenda Burckett, the makeup artist on the set of the movie “Mile 22” posted a photo of herself, Lauren Cohan and Ronda Rousey earlier today.

The photo was taken in Bogota, Colombia so there is very little chance that Rousey will be appearing tonight as many people expected. That is…unless the photo was taken yesterday and Rousey asked the make-up artist to post it this afternoon to throw people off. Rousey hasn’t posted anything from Bogota since yesterday.

Triple H said last week that there was no deal signed with Rousey. There’s been some skepticism because Rousey was seen training at the WWE Performance Center in recent months.

A flight from Bogota, Columbia to Philadelphia would take more than 8.5 hours so it’s not a quick flight by any means.

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