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Rusev hints at wanting to be a free agent

If John Cena can do it, why can’t Rusev? After all, John Cena doesn’t have his own day, every day.

That was the question going through Rusev’s head recently when he posed the idea that maybe he should look into free agency. Of course, this is probably just the Bulgarian Brute being his usual awesome self and having a good laugh in the process. But it is an interesting concept. After all, I can’t think of another SmackDown Live Superstar who got chants on Monday Night Raw this week.

But there were Rusev Day chants during Raw this week as the Jason Jordan/ Cesaro match carried on in the AmericanAirlines Arena.

If WWE let every day be Rusev Day the fans would rejoice in the streets. After all, if Rusev Day t-shirt sales are any indication of things WWE could have a goldmine on their hands. They might need to consider making, even more, Rusev merchandise so they can strike while the iron’s hot.

If WWE put Rusev on both brands it could be a remedy to a lot of problems because there seems to be a lacking of Rusev on Raw. Can’t you just see the “Raw Is Rusev” shirts?

So there might be something to having Rusev on both brands so every day could be Rusev Day no matter where WWE was shooting television. Make him a part of 205 Live while you’re at it and let the Cruiserweights bounce off of his brute force. If you’re going to take it that far, send him to Full Sail Arena once in a while so they can sell some “Rusev Is NXT” shirts too.

It just sounds like a good idea to have Rusev on both shows at this point and The Bulgarian Brute would probably agree.

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