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WWE star says he will go back to Saudi Arabia: "I make a lot of money, I will definitely go back”


Rusev recently did an interview with The Sun where he spoke about his recent trip to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel event and the travel issues that the crew faced. 

It’s been widely reported about the issues where the majority of the WWE crew spent over 24 hours in the country due to issues with their plane in order to return to the United States. 

While waiting to make the trip back home, Rusev sent out a tweet that got people talking: 

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In this interview, Rusev explained the reason behind the tweet, which all comes down to his religious beliefs. He also noted that he doesn’t think they were held hostage. 

"The frustration just grew by each hour and me asking for prayers is nothing new," he said. "My father is a pastor, I'm a believer in God, Jesus Christ, our saviour, so I always ask for prayers just because I wanted to go home, not because we were held hostage. I don't think anyone in their rightful mind is going to hold 170 people, American citizens, hostage, I don't think that'll reflect well anywhere."

Rusev was victorious by picking up a win as part of Team Hogan against Team Flair at the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

According to Rusev, when asked if he would go back to Saudi, he does plan to return to the country for the fifth event that takes place in early 2020 due to the money that he makes and the benefits that come along with the shows. 

"I make a lot of money, I will definitely go back. I love it, I love every single trip that we do there, I love how we break barriers with women wrestling there and Lana being able to go. I think it's a great victory for the company, not just for that, but to open new doors and new opportunities to develop further, it's just amazing. It's a great opportunity for us to be ambassadors for entertainers."