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Rusev says he will file a police report over items stolen at Sheraton Hotel in Memphis



Rusev is going to file a police report following the alleged theft of his $500 wallet and camera were taken from his hotel room in Memphis.

Rusev put the Sheraton Hotel on blast on Twitter for "cleaning" his room and stealing his possessions. He also ripped the hotel chain for being "literally the worst" and for their "bad customer service," among other things.

Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the hotel operator offered "no comment" before getting a manager on the phone.

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The police report states that, according to Rusev's recollection, he and Lana left the room at 12:30 pm on Monday. He returned to the room at 1:10 pm and he noticed his money missing from his wallet.

On Twitter, Rusev said, "Dig in. I’m prosecuting. Especially after the head of security said it’s my fault for living my stuff in the room."

Rusev also says there was a "do not disturb" sign on the door.