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Ryback believes that Heath Slater and Curtis Axel would complement AEW roster


Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently commented on Heath Slater and Curtis Axel/Joe Hennig being released from WWE. The two former main roster talents were utilized in lower card roles, usually portraying comedic characters. Ryback worked with both men, Slater as a part of Nexus and with Axel in a tag team.

"Yeah I sent him a voice message yesterday, and I'm sure I'll hopefully hear back from him soon" Ryback began on Conversation With The Big Guy talking about Heath Slater. "I'd like to get him on the show, just talking bullsh*t stories. We had a lot of good times."

Ryback would then talk about when he heard that Slater was released. "That one I saw, I was actually recording the podcast. I got on my phone and saw the tweets tagged with stuff. I thought 'nah man,' and then looked and saw he had been released. In one way I'm very happy for him, because I feel he was never going to be allowed to be himself or to do anything significant there. On the other hand though? I know he has a wife and kids and I know them. It's tough when you have a steady paycheque coming in for years and then that all of a sudden that's not going to be there anymore in these times of uncertainty.

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The 'Big Guy' elaborated further, saying how Slater and Joe Hennig could be a fit in other promotions. "It makes me a little bit upset that he and Hennig got released, guys I personally am invested in. I just think it's horrible timing with everything, but hopefully all this is easing up I think. I truly mean this, like with Joe? If he could be Joe Hennig? I think AEW can get some great great stuff out of him. I think he could add to that roster in one way or another."

Ryback would then praise Hennig's ability to be entertaining, citing their skits in WWE backstage. "I thought me and him had great chemistry together and I wish we could have had TV stuff because that would have been a lot better. A lot of what we did was for, and it was what it was. But even you saw like the B Team and stuff, they got that over to a degree. I'm not saying that they were gonna be main event level with it, but the music was catchy and the people were with it. They're just victims, no matter what they do. If it's supposed to be a low, mid card act and they get it over? They [WWE] pulled them off TV again."

Do you think that AEW could be looking at Joe Hennig or even Heath Slater as potential signings? Let us know in the comments

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