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Ryback comments on Jeff Hardy angle on SmackDown, thoughts on MVP’s return to WWE

On the recent episode of “Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback,” the former WWE star gave his thoughts on some current wrestling events.

Here are some of the highlights from the podcast:

Ryback’s opinion of MVP coming back to WWE: “MVP I believe is in his mid-40’s. He’s had some knee injuries. I don’t know if he ever wanted to go back full time and do that five day a week deal again. There is a lot of value in the MVP brand though. He had a good run when he was up there. He left and he had his reasons for leaving. He stands out in a day and age and he came up and was taught psychology. I think he is a very valuable guy to have on the roster. I talked to other people on the AEW side of things. Our generation of guys, it is up to us to hand down the psychology that was instilled in us. It is easy to look at guys and say they don’t know what they are doing or they don’t know how to work because they just learn moves. But, if they can take that and they get the Arn Andersons and the Dean Malenkos that can help transition them into putting psychology into their matches, you can draw more people in and get that audience back that is lost. I think he is a very valuable piece to have up there to have up there in that puzzle. Unless he wants to, I don’t think five days a week is healthy if they go back to that, but being on TV once a week, I think you can get a lot out of him.”

Ryback’s opinion on whether Jeff Hardy’s sobriety angle should be done or not: “I understand both sides of this. This could be one of those situations where this is Jeff’s idea or WWE came to him and Jeff was all for it and it keeps him in a storyline on TV, The last thing you want is to not be involved in storylines. At the end of the day, if Jeff is OK with that, that’s fine. I will say though, you do have to be careful. When you take real life issues, like the Rusev angle with Lana. They put you in these positions. It could cause real life turmoil and they know that. They really do.”

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