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Ryback comments on rumors of a possible WWE return at the Royal Rumble

Ryback addressed some of the latest wrestling news stories on his recent podcast. Among the topics covered were WWE’s downside guaranteed contracts and rumors about a possible return at the Royal Rumble.

Here are some highlights.

Ryback was asked about the WWE downside guaranteed contracts. He said, “What they will do is always try to pay you close to your downside.  So if I had been on a $750,000 downside, my pay would magically aligned with that.  That’s why they will tell talent that it’s not important.  It’s the most important thing a wrestler can do is get the highest downside possible, because it will push them to use you at a certain level more often than not.  It’s not to say they won’t mess with you still and do things, but they’re  going to get their money out of you and you will get that as a minimum…They keep you within that range.”

Ryback wanted to squash the rumors that he is coming back at the Royal Rumble. He said, “First of all, even if I was going back to WWE with what I’ve gone through, I would not go back to an empty arena to the Thunderdome.  What I have gone through, I deserve a full crowd.  I owe myself that.  I love myself enough and I have enough respect for myself with what I’ve overcome with needing a five disk fusion and shoulder replacement and this never in the history of athletes being done before, which I don’t care how people believe or not believe, this is I am coming back to a full crowd. That is just established.  I’m not working you.  I’m not lying.  I’m not going to show up.  I’m not going to be  #27.  I’m not going to be #30.  I’m not going back to WWE.”

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