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Ryback implies that female wrestling fans have mental issues

If you are a female wrestling fan, then you might not like what Ryback has to say about you…at least if you are looking to date him (which I doubt you are).

On a recent Rybak’s recent podcast, his new co-host/adult film star Phoenix Marie talked about not wanting to date people that are super fans of her industry. I can certainly understand Marie not wanting to date a guy that is only with her because he’s watched her porn videos.

Ryback apparently takes issues with dating women that are wrestling fans and seemed to imply that they have mental issues. He said, “That’s how I feel about a wrestler dating a girl that’s a huge wrestling fan. I don’t know if I would…” Marie said that it would be like “Oh my God, did you watch the match [and] that’s all they would want to talk about.” Ryback continued, “Yea, amongst other things – mental issues. I would just…it would be scary to me.”

Marie seemed to be taken aback by his “mental issues” comment and said she has watched wrestling. It’s not the first time that he’s made controversial comments about women. Several weeks ago, he talked about women needing to play up their “sexiness” in matches and then there was this post on Snaptchat.

Listen to the clip below to hear what he said on his recent podcast about female fans:

Needless to say, both men and women were offended by his comments. Here is some of the reaction on Twitter:

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