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Ryback in legal battle with WWE over trademark rights



Ryback finds himself in a legal battle with WWE for the ownership of the Ryback name.

When he left WWE, he legally changed his name from Ryan Reeves to Ryback Reeves as a way to continue to use the name. Now, he finds himself in a fight with his former employer for ownership of the trademark.

WWE originally applied for the Ryback trademark in 2011 and then renewed it back in 2019, which was three years after Ryback had departed from the company.

Reeves filed a petition with The United States Patent and Trademark Office in order to cancel the registration by WWE.

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It should be noted that Reeves filed an application to gain ownership of the name in May 2019. As of this writing, he has yet to be granted ownership from the trademark office because of the legal proceedings between the two sides. was able to find the legal documents about the case. Reeves’ filing was made on July 27th while WWE responded on September 4th.

The former WWE star recently shared his harsh thoughts about Vince McMahon and Triple H. Ryback previously tweeted about the ongoing issues earlier this month:

“The trademark case has begun with @wwe and @vincemcmahon and can go upwards of 20 months. While unfortunate they choose to not let this go, it gives me great joy beating them every step of the way. I will win this and hope to be forever erased from that company. @FMMNutrition.”

“I want everyone to see how petty @wwe is. A trademark that they renewed the last day so I couldn’t get it for a minimal fee and one they don’t use anymore and haven’t used in games, MERCH etc. I am the trademark and created prior to working there. Let it go and let’s move on!”