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Ryback names some of the top AEW names he wants to face when he steps back into the ring



Part 2 of this week's episode of The Ryback Show is available now on all popular podcasting apps.

The former WWE star has been talking about one day returning to the ring and he was asked who he would like to face.

Ryback said, “Kenny Omega and me, I think, would have great chemistry together. Cody is on top of his game right now. I think there’s big money in that being visited down the line. Obviously Jericho. He’s my favorite top guy I worked with which is more so in the ring and also how he conducted himself passing on knowledge and wanting to truly genuinely help. I was very appreciative of that and that’s why I’m a fan of what he is doing today in helping give back to the business while still keeping himself on top, which is not easy to do.”

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It's not clear exactly when he plans on stepping into the ring but he has made it clear that he plans on doing so once he is healthy. He said the following last December during an interview with Chris Van Vliet on why he hasn't jumped back in as soon as some have wanted him to: "The end goal is to [get healthy again] for life. That’s the most important thing I’ve learned in all of this. I love pro wrestling. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. The way that the business is, I love everything AEW is doing. If there is an organization that is treating talent better, that is a great thing in pro wrestling … I owe it to myself to get my health back and to grow Feed Me More Nutrition…"

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