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Ryback on Jim Cornette – “the wrong person is gonna go up and knock him flat on his f*cking ass.”

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed Jim Cornette and his recent comments regarding Becky Lynch on his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast. Ryback alluded to Cornette’s outspoken personality, saying at some point somewhere he may regret some of the comments he has made.

“People listen to what Jim’s gonna insult this week” Ryback began. “And he’s done it with me on things that weren’t even true, ‘he’s just big steroid idiot.’ Eventually Jim’s gonna meet the people that he’s said [things about] like it’s gonna happen. The wrong person is gonna go up and knock him flat on his f*cking ass.

Ryback would elaborate further, saying “I wish him nothing but love and happiness. I hope he can find peace in his life because he just comes off like the most miserable human being on the existence of the planet.”

The ‘Big Guy’ would then discuss his own approach to analysing professional wrestling on his podcast, saying that he wouldn’t want to take the shock route. “And I would hate to personally go the route of just talking sh*t about everyone to get people to listen to me. I think that is…it’s just low brow, it’s just not needed. I mean that’s Becky’s decision and Seth, that’s their decision they want to have a child. She’s 33 like for women. That’s a very personal thing. You can have your opinion on it, Jim does have good ideas about the wrestling business at times, it’s not like he’s a total loss cause.”

Ryback would continue to say that while he respects some of Cornette’s ideas when it comes to the pro wrestling industry his comments about Becky Lynch were not needed. Seth Rollins also recently responded to the comments from Cornette, saying that he no longer respected him.

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