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Ryback on why he thinks Matt Hardy is getting jobbed out by WWE

Former WWE star Ryback has sounded off on the speculation about the future of Matt Hardy in WWE as his contract is slated to expire in early 2020. 

After not being used on television for months, WWE recently brought him back on Raw where he lost a series of matches in basically squash matches. 

He discussed why he thinks WWE is doing this to the veteran on his podcast, “Conversations With The Big Guy Ryback.”

Ryback thinks that Matt has always been used differently than his brother, Jeff, as they see him as a bigger star. He also thinks that Jeff’s legal troubles haven’t helped Matt either. 

“With Matt Hardy, I do think the contract thing is a huge thing. And when Matt left – and this is how Vince McMahon and them operate.”

Ryback recalled his own experience as when he won’t re-sign with the company, they started to downgrade him slowly as a way to get him to sign a new contract to be in a better spot. 

“They already know Matt Hardy can get himself over, and can go somewhere else and get himself over. This is how they operate, rather than keeping him off television where he did the ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy. And look at where he was with all of that and how they have down-regulated him for no reason?

It makes sense that his contract is coming up because that is what they do. They will lower your value on your way out so that it will make it harder for him to get himself over again quickly.”

Ryback noted how Hardy has a history of getting over by himself and thinks it’s sad that WWE operates this way. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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