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Ryback on why Mustafa Ali is not getting pushed by WWE, Randy Orton’s advice to younger wrestlers

This week on “Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback,” the topics discussed on the show included the #SpeakingOut movement, the COVID-19 positive test in WWE, Tony Khan, Ricky Starks in AEW and the TV ratings.

Co-host Raj Giri said AJ Styles is going to SmackDown because he had issues with Paul Heyman when Heyman was still in charge. AJ apparently blamed Heyman for Gallows and Anderson being fired from the company. Mustafa Ali and Dolph Ziggler are now moving to RAW.

Ryback responded: “Ali, has he been on TV this year? He speaks out openly on things. He’s an intelligent guy. I feel like a guy like that doesn’t fit into the system. He seems very intelligent. They don’t like that, usually. He is educated on the way things go and he sees things for the way they are.”

Ryback commented on Randy Orton’s advice he gave the younger wrestlers: “I think it was lost at some point in this newer generation. The difference is when you are working in NXT and then you start doing five nights a week. At some point, you try to work that style (high spots) constantly. Then, in a matter of weeks, you will see guys adjust quickly. Then, they learn how to work because they are forced to. They realize that spot they are in, and the money they are making, they won’t be able to sustain that and the smart ones will figure it out. Randy is just doing nothing but helping those guys out giving golden advice. It’s not the stuff that they are doing. It’s the throwing away of the registering and the selling and lack of mannerism and character and storytelling in the ring. If you don’t throw away all the other parts of wrestling that is what makes wrestling, and then you still do your stuff in the right places, you will be an even bigger star.”

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