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Ryback on WWE's grueling travel schedule: "I’m shocked that there have not been any deaths"



Former WWE Superstar Ryback continues to discuss WWE and truth behind some of the situations going on in the company right now.

He has been outspoken before and did it again when talking about the travel schedule that stars have to deal with each year as there isn’t an offseason in the company. Ryback took to his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, to talk about these issues.

“You’ve got to adapt quickly to the schedule and [you ’re] hurting all the time. That’s one of the best things about not being on the road. You wake up and it is just one thing after another. Because it is never-ending. There is no offseason or nothing,” he said. “[…] It is an adjustment for talent, booking your hotels, booking your rental cars, WWE takes care of your flights. But you must be good with your money. You are not just a professional wrestler. You’re a professional driver.”

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WWE is known to have their stars drive for hours after shows to make it to the next town. In the eyes of Ryback, he thinks that these long drives can be dangerous and shocked that no one has died yet.

“I’m shocked that there have not been any deaths,” Ryback said. “Driving on one-way roads with semi-trucks. There have been nights I have been driving with my head bobbing, drinking my tenth coffee just to stay awake because I’m going on 45 minutes of sleep doing media in the morning. It’s a grueling schedule for the talent.”

You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking on the player below:

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription