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Ryback rips Vince McMahon for not apologizing to Tyson Kidd, says WWE should take care of him for life

On Ryback’s latest podcast, he discussed the situation with Tyson Kidd. Kidd will likely never wrestle again after being injured after taking Samoa Joe’s muscle buster during a dark match in 2015. Bret Hart has said publicly that Kidd and Joe were rushed out to the ring and there was no time to prepare for the match. Kidd was very close to death and it’s a miracle that he is alive and not paralyzed.

Ryback said that he saw Kidd recently and he looks like he is still in great shape. He put Kidd over for staying optimistic throughout the entire time even though he has every right to whine and cry about his situation.

Ryback added, “WWE should make sure – 100% – that not only is he taken care of for the rest of his life, they should bend over backward time and time again for him. This guy loved wrestling and what they took away from him – and by the way, to take as long as they did to f**king apologize – I’m gonna personally say it right here on [my] podcast – f**k you Vince [McMahon] and f**k you Kevin [Dunn] for not being men and f**king apologizing to this human being that you ruined and Vince, you are a f**king piece of s**t. For everything that you did that night, to f**king go out there and create that circumstance, and you should hate yourself when you look in the mirror.”

He also ripped on Mark Carano and wishes that he should be fired for the decisions he made on that night.

You can listen to Ryback’s podcast by clicking here. Here is the clip of Ryback talking about Tyson Kidd:


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