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Ryback says he’s heard Vince McMahon’s health isn’t great these days

It’s been well documented that Ryback has some hard feelings towards WWE and its Chairman, Vince McMahon.

The reason for that is due to the former WWE Intercontinental Champion being in a legal battle with WWE over trademark rights to his name.

Over the years, various people such as Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have talked about how the WWE CEO continues his busy schedule despite aging. He still only gets a few hours of sleep as well as works hard both in the office and the gym.

Ryback took to Twitter to note that while he doesn’t agree with the practices of the company that he used to work for, he has heard that McMahon isn’t in the greatest of health. He wrote the following: s.

“Despite the pain and frustration the @wwe has caused me since walking away I want to send love their way towards @vincemcmahon as I’ve heard his health isn’t great these days. Hopefully he can find the strength to overcome so he can witness me kicking his ass fully for.”

It should be noted that there have been no recent reports regarding McMahon’s health, but if there is actually anything going on with him, it’s likely to be only known by a small number of people he’s close with.

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