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Ryback says John Cena helped kill Nexus, discusses the way WWE handled his ankle injury



On his latest podcast, Ryback went into details on some his injuries while he was in WWE and he talked about how close he came to being fired before talking John Laurinaitis out of it. He said that he had not told this story before and he was torn on whether or not to discuss it but he decided to talk about it on this recent podcast. He added that the ankle situation and the way he was treated had a lot to do with him eventually leaving WWE this year.

He noted that he injured his ankle while he was working in WWE as Skip Sheffield around the time he debuted as part of the Nexus faction. He said that the Nexus faction was loved by the fans when it first started but they were not used properly "mainly because of John Cena which f*cking marked, that's your headline for the f*cking week. It's a fact across the board [and] everybody knows it. He did not want that to go any further than what it was gonna go past." When asked why Cena would do that, Ryback said that it was because they were getting over.

He talked about breaking his ankle in three places during a match at a live event around that time period. He continued the match and he kept doing more damage to the ankle. He added, "I've asked for footage of [the match and] they won't give it to me. They've said it doesn't exist. Every live event is recorded, by the way." He said that he was helped out to the backstage area and he was taken to the hospital.

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He said that his leg was swelling on his way back to Tampa and he was terrified. He doesn't blame anyone and it was nobodies fault at this point. At this point, his leg was swollen so bad that he had scabs and he had to drive with his foot hanging out of his window to get to his doctor's appointment. He said that WWE chose not to send him to Birmingham, AL for his surgery even though that's where everyone gets sent for surgery and he said that there was no reason for this. Apparently, according to Ryback, the guy that made the decision (Matt Smith) to choose a Florida doctor over the doc in Birmingham had no business working in WWE and he made a bad decision by sending him to the Florida doc. He said that he woke up from surgery in tremendous pain and he was hurting more than he was before the surgery. They put a metal rod in his leg and he said that he was given morphine and Percocet and nobody would listen to him because something was wrong. He was supposed to be back in the ring four months later but he ended up in a wheelchair around this time period.

He said that he would tell Smith that something was wrong and nobody would listen to him. It turns out that the Florida doctor had been sued ten times for malpractice for screwing up surgeries. He was out of action for over a year and he was brought to WrestleMania to see Dr. Joseph Maroon. He asked to have the metal rod taken out of his leg so he was finally sent to Birmingham to see Dr. Angus McBride, who he put over as an incredible doctor. About an hour after surgery, John Laurinaitis calls him and says "we did everything we could to get you better, right?" Ryback said that he knew that the call was being recorded and they were looking to fire him so he didn't give him an answer. He doesn't hold animosity towards Laurinaitis because he knows that he was just doing what he was told and he thinks the word came from Triple H. Ryback was able to talk his way out of getting fired by cutting a 20-minute promo describing everything he had gone through. He even has the release papers saved in his house to prove that they intended to fire him before changing their mind. He says that, prior to this, he remembers Triple H telling him "one day we've gotta pull the plug on you." Ryback said that the "mark" in him left him and that lit a fire in him and it changed his outlook on the business forever.

Ryback was sent back to developmental and his pay was cut so he could "rot" and eventually be fired so he says that he knew what he was dealing with based on the comments from Triple H. He said that he wanted to think that they would make things right but deep down he knew that by getting an attorney and standing up for himself that WWE would always screw with him. He believes that there was always resentment towards him based on everything that happened during the ankle situation.

He talked about breaking his ribs in the ring in developmental with Hunico (Sin Cara), who he puts over as his good friend and nice guy. This happened just three days after he was cleared to wrestle again. He said that he told WWE that he was moving back to Las Vegas because he missed his family and then a couple of months later they put him back on the main roster and he debuted as Ryback.

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