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Ryback says Vince McMahon is tapped out, not hungry anymore because he has too much money

On the latest “Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback,” the former WWE star discussed some of the current events in wrestling including the Twitter feud between Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa, ideas on how to improve ratings and why Ryback thinks Vince McMahon is not hungry anymore.

Here are some of the highlights:

Ryback’s ideas on how to improve ratings: “You have to let guys go out there and start shooting on each other. That’s what made Rock and Austin, even if they were scripted to a degree. People want to see who is going to get the better of each other. People want to see the real moments. Nobody cares about watching two people go out there and read lines that 130 pound guys wrote in the back. It’s not working. With no crowd there, it is even worse. It is exposing the business. If you don’t trust someone, they shouldn’t be on national television. Why are you at the highest level of this industry?”

Ryback on WWE creative: “He (Vince McMahon) is tapped out. He is not hungry anymore from a creative aspect of things. He has too much money. He is too big for his own good. He is being pulled in too many directions. From a financial standpoint of creating revenue, that is what he cares about. That is all he is looking at. He is no longer interested in the details of creating compelling long term storylines and megastars. He needs to sell the company.”

Ryback on Randy Orton – Tomasso Ciampa twitter feud: “Early on he (Randy Orton) was getting hurt a lot and then he learned to take care of himself and protect himself. He is spot on. I think Tomasso, I mean, a broken neck, and he hasn’t been to the main roster yet. He is already in a hole. Times have changed a little bit as far as NXT. It all started when Hunter took over. They started coming up and not shaking ends and having attitudes. Not everyone. It was almost that they had it figured out better than everybody else who came before them. Everyone busts their ass. Cool. That doesn’t mean drawing money. That doesn’t mean getting ratings. Pro Wrestling is about reaction drawing money with the TV and ratings and selling merchandise. The people that do that aspect that are most entertaining and go out there and be the most believable are the big stars. You can go out there, me and Tomasso can go out there for an hour and trade moves for an hour, and bust our asses and kill each other. That doesn’t mean it’s good. Somewhere along the line, they are trying to prove to everybody else in the back they can work. Anybody can go out there and do that. That’s actually the easiest thing to do. To eliminate psychology and storytelling and learning to take a crowd up and down, that’s a skill.”

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