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Ryback shoots on COVID-19 testing in WWE and says wrestlers are frustrated

This week on “Conversation with The Big Guy Ryback,” there was a lot of talk about the positive COVID-19 tests in WWE. There have been several rumors on how many people tested positive but WWE has yet to officially confirm any of the stories that have floated around in recent days.

Here is what Ryback said about the testing in WWE:

“They weren’t testing for the longest time. There was a reason why they weren’t testing. They didn’t want this coming out. I know how they operate. The talent knows how they operate. There is no doubt they are frustrated. I saw a thing, I don’t know who it was, that said that Vince feels a responsibility to put the fans first as far as giving them programming. I think it’s safe to say we all know that is bullsh*t. That is a corporate way to get around everything. The problem where they shoot themselves in the foot with that is they say our talent is our top priority and we take care of our talent. Those two things conflict with each other. It’s either the fans come first or the talent comes first. If you are putting the fans first, it is at the expense of the talent. You can’t say fans come first because if they were, then you would have Corona testing at the beginning, which they didn’t. All the testing just recently started. Also, we are seeing talent are going to get tested on their own and finding out they are getting it. That’s happened and I know that happened with Renee (Young) as well. None of this is a surprise to me. I truly feel for the talent.”

Ryback and Raj Giri also talked about Tessa Blanchard’s exit from Impact Wrestling, NXT beating AEW in the ratings last week, the #SpeakingOut movement and much more.

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