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Ryback takes a shot at CM Punk, news on Monday’s RAW, Brock Lesnar – WWE note

– Ryback underwent surgery again this week and posted an update on Twitter as well as taking a shot at CM Punk.

He said,“Feeling like @CMPunk after his first fight, not the 16 mock ones he lost the first real one. #BeatUpJohnCena “

Ryback’s first surgery was last month, and he has indicated that he will need multiple surgeries. Ryback is still under contract with WWE, but it’s expected that he will be contractually free to negotiate with other wrestling companies once he is free and clear. He has indicated in previous social media posts that he is working on a supplement line, and there are independent promotions already interested in booking him.

– The Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund will be doing a podcast together on July 22nd from the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, Iowa at 2:30 pm.

– Shane and Stephanie McMahon are advertised to appear on Monday’s episode of RAW at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The two stars were advertised for last Monday’s RAW but did not appear on the show.

– With Brock Lesnar fighting Mark Hunt on Saturday night at UFC 200 in Las Vegas, WWE is advertising the “Suplex City – Las Vegas, NV” shirts on

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