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Ryback talks declining AEW and WWE ratings during pandemic, calls Triple H complacent

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed the ongoing decline of television ratings for pro wrestling during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. RAW, SmackDown, NXT and AEW Dynamite have all seen fairly signifiant drops over the past month, and a big portion of this drop-off is being attributed to the fact that all companies are having to produce content with no audience in attendance. This has taken a big hit on the ambience of the shows, but it isn’t the only reason for the dwindling ratings.

“The talent on both sides [AEW and WWE] the talent are doing a phenomenal job” Ryback began on the latest episode of Conversation With The Big Guy. “They’re going out there and they’re just working, It’s not easy and I think everyone, the talent especially has adjusted well with this, I think.”

Ryback would then talk about the fact that with more audience at home due to lockdown protocols arguably the ratings should be going up. “You have more people sitting at home now than ever. And there’s no excuse. If there was truly something that people wanted to watch? The numbers would be higher than normal, because there’s more audience at home. That’s not the case. The companies, both sides and every company running I think they probably assumed that once crowds are back that the business will see a little bit of a pickup again. I would like to think it would, but I don’t know.”

The ‘Big Guy’ would then praise AEW, saying how they seem to have embraced trying to be creative during the pandemic and build new stars. “I will say I do watch a good portion of AEW. I really really think they have come so far. Just as far as in the production value and improving things, and I’m looking at the guys in the talent and it’s one of those things; the more you see them on TV, their value starts to increase over time. And I think that it’s slowly starting to happen. Having Archer there and Wardlow. I think they’re, they put some good pieces in place like Brodie Lee in there. If there was a crowd there? I think it would be even better, specifically for those guys. And having Colt Cabana there I think is a good pickup.”

Ryback would elaborate further, saying “I just like the direction of AEW. Even the thing with Jericho and the the Bubbly Bunch from a creative aspect. I feel like they were giving us some more entertainment in a creative way. They’re so much hungrier than WWE. Like Hunter (Triple H) is very complacent I feel like from a financial standpoint. From just he’s done the business. He kind of just married into it. And he’s worked really hard and done great things but he’s never like, I don’t know…this is Tony Khan’s money on the line, you know? You’re just gonna be a little more driven, a little more passionate.”

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