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Ryback talks reports of 'Brawl For All' being brought back for NXT Season 1



Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed the report that indicated the Brawl For All was being considered for a comeback. Ex-WWE writer John Piermarini claimed on Twitter that Vince McMahon wanted to bring back the 'Brawl for NXT's original 'concept.' Piermarini wrote "@jasoneisener@evanhusney incredible job with both seasons of @DarkSideOfRing. Funny story - while on creative in either 2009 or 2010 Vince wanted to do another Brawl For All with the guys competing on NXT (in its original format). He had to be talked out of it."

"That was never presented to us."

On the latest episode of the Shooting Blanks podcast, Ryback would say that the idea was never brought up to him. Ryback was part of the 'first class' of NXT when the game show style concept was created. "That might have been discussed from the time we debuted up there. [But] that was never an option" Ryback began. "That was never presented to us. There were so many things, challenges that were presented to us. And they were always changing, that was never one of them."

"The rumour that Kaval/Low-Ki wanted nothing to do with it."

Ryback would then go on to say that he believe the Brawl For All was considered for the 'second season' of NXT. "I do know that the season with Bray/Husky Harris and Kaval/Low-Ki; I think it was season 2, I remember specifically because some of the guys and I talked. That was being discussed for them. Just as a segment for the week, for a challenge. They were going to do it with a boxing like a Brawl For All kind of thing. The rumour that Kaval/Low-Ki wanted nothing to do with it. And I don't blame him, one bit. Because you're not getting paid to go out there and do any of that. We saw with the [original] Brawl For All, like in its in two weight classes. But he was the one that didn't want to do it, and we saw what happened with him."

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