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Ryback update, why he could be done with WWE

As noted last night, Ryback (Ryan Reeves) is off WWE television indefinitely after a contract dispute. There were reports going around saying that he was not backstage but that is not the case. He did meet with Vince McMahon a couple of hours before the show to discuss his contract. The company had been trying to sign him for the last few months. The word from backstage at Raw was that he and WWE were far apart on money. Also, at one point during the negotiations, he had asked for his own tour bus. Some of the top guys travel in a bus to help them deal with the grind of being on the road.

We also got word that he registered “The Big Guy” and “Feed Me More” trademarks last year so it looks like he’s been preparing for his post-WWE future. Things could always be worked out between both sides but the company is moving forward as if he is not coming back. If he wants to work elsewhere then he would need to wait until his contract expires in a couple of months.

Ryback got his start in the company after his stint on The Million Dollar Tough Enough season in 2004. He was signed to a developmental contract in 2005 and trained in Deep South Wrestling before being moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling in March of 2006. He first started using the name Ryback in 2008 in Florida Championship Wrestling and he was finally moved to the main roster as part of The Nexus angle in 2010 as Skip Sheffield. He was repackaged as Ryback in 2012.

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