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Sabu defends himself against allegations that he destroyed a hotel room while on drugs

Pat Buck, the co-promoter of Pro Wrestling Syndicate, stated in a Facebook post that former ECW, WWE, and TNA star Sabu was using drugs in a hotel room, which he allegedly destroyed that Buck paid for.

Sabu has since responded to this when he appeared on Another Wrestling Podcast:

“For one its funny as hell and the truth is not as good as what they made it sound like. It was awesome what they were quoted, drugs, blood, & feces that was great, that sounds like a great movie. I’m going to tell you the truth why they bashed me and why they pulled this shit. Because I refused to put over their fat ass f***ing japanese prick that they wanted me to put over who I have never heard of. And they know, I’m sorry to get mad but I’m going to tell you why they pulled this shit. They know I get payed more to put over a nobody, sorry he’s a nobody but he is. What they do this f***head company out of NJ, they bring in big named talent and put over their dronies, which is fine except for I’m not one of those guys that do that, they knew that from the beginning. So they pulled that on me twice, I let it go. They pulled it on me again so I didn’t let it go, so we had a little disagreement, and afterwards they’re saying I tore this hotel room up with pictures and all this bullshit, shit all over the place and a dog. And they’re right I had a dog and it made a mess, but there was no shit, there was no drugs, no needles, there was blood because you know I bleed and that’s the way it is, you know I didn’t bleed all over the place. I bled in bed and probably on the shower curtain but they made it sound like I murdered somebody in that room and sacrificed my dog and shit all over the room and that sounds great but that’s not true. They said they had a bill stating that the hotel when we checked in under my name and my credit card was not denied like they said it was. When we check out the room we had my name on it, not theirs. The pictures of the bill they’re showing has Pat Bucks name on it, so f*** him! He probably shit all over the place and bled and killed someone all over the room and sacrificed a dog. The truth is it was so funny I didn’t even want to respond because they made it sound better than the truth. They made it sound like I’m a Rockstar and having a great time, and I am having a great time, but not that great of time.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

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