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Sam Roberts addresses his comments about Bianca Belair, says he will not apologize

Bianca Belair Sam Roberts

On his latest podcast, Sam Roberts talked about the backlash after his comments on Bianca Belair at the NXT TakeOver: Phoenix Pre-Show. For those of you that missed it, click here to hear what he said and for her reaction after the show.

Roberts said this on his podcast: "look, WWE brings me... invites me to those kickoff shows and they ask me to give my opinion on things. On Saturday night, I was not fed an opinion in my ear. I know that’s one of the theories. I have never been fed an opinion in my ear. They wouldn’t bring me to give their opinion. I’m no good at that. I go on and they ask me to just be me and give my opinion. I had a crisis of conscience. In that moment, I felt like I was just going along with the show, so I decided to say exactly how I felt in that moment."

Earlier this week, Mark Henry called on Roberts to apologize but Roberts has no intention of doing that.

"I know that Mark Henry has started a campaign saying that I owe Bianca Belair an apology. I certainly will not be apologizing to Bianca Belair because my opinion is my opinion. Do I think that she deserves to be at TakeOver after her performance? You'll have to ask me at the end of March. The next TakeOver is in April. I will tell you in April if Bianca Belair, in my opinion, deserves to be at TakeOver. I found that match, at the beginning of TakeOver, felt underwhelming to me so I talked about it."

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Roberts continued, "There were people after the show who had conversations with me about the way I said what I said, but the fact is that I said what I said, so it kind of is what it is. It's exactly as you saw it and that's kind of it. Was everybody thrilled with it? No. That’s what I mean about having conversations, but those are, again, maybe things that I don’t exactly want to get into at this moment. However, we’ll see how things go as we move forward."

We don't know if any of this is a work or shoot but one thing is for sure... Roberts' comments are getting more people to take notice of Belair so if that is the goal then it seems to be working.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below. He talks about Belair at 1:29:45.

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