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Sam Roberts: Charlotte Flair is the most dependable performer and greatest female wrestler of all-time



On the latest episode of the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Sam Roberts declares that Charlotte Flair is the greatest female wrestler of all time. He also talks about the tribute to The Undertaker on SmackDown and whether or not that means he is retired, Edge's promo on Raw, what Randy Orton should do next, Sasha Banks vs. Io Shirai on Wednesday's NXT and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Sam Roberts said WWE needs to be driven by storylines more than great matches: “To me, what made the attitude era so good was not the edgy content. It was the way stories were told. You felt like you were watching a storyline driven television show. It almost let everybody know that we are all in this together. To me, when you take pro wrestling, and you take a very sports-centric approach to it and follow the lead of MMA, and put a concentration on the matches, rankings and scoring, it insults the intelligence of wrestling fans. Yes, wins and loses are important to tell the stories. But to make it seem like the stories aren’t not the most important thing is ridiculous because we all know what we are watching with wrestling. When we take a sports-centric approach to it, it’s like we are going back to the days when we all thought wrestling was being presented as a legitimate sporting competition which it is not and has not for 40 years almost at this point. I think the storyline approach is much better and I think we feel that when we are watching the shows.”

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Sam feels Charlotte Flair is the greatest female wrestler of all time: “This is something that is going to be written in the books and it’s already happened. I feel like, as a fan base, should be more grateful about the fact that we are witnessing the greatest women’s wrestler of all time in Charlotte, bar none. By far, Charlotte is the greatest women’s wrestler in the history of WWE. She is the greatest women’s wrestler in the world and of all time. The WWE has certainly taken advantage of the fact, in my opinion, that they have the greatest women’s wrestler of all time right now in the sense that Charlotte shouldn’t be a 12-time champion or however many times she held the title because she shouldn’t have lost as many times as she lost. The reason that Charlotte ends up in the position she is in, time and time again, is not because her last name is Flair. It’s not because she has the right look. It’s because Charlotte is the most dependable performer, maybe on the entire WWE roster. Charlotte never fails. She never has failed. I don’t know if she ever will fail. Charlotte has taken every set back and somehow still managed to land on top. Charlotte has sat there and lost the title 12 times and still is able to go out on television and have people consider her a main event personality. Whether you like Charlotte or you don’t like Charlotte, when she comes out, and she is wearing the robe, and the music is playing, and she is staring at that ring with those eyes, that look of determination, you’re not saying, she loses all the time and she is going to lose this match too. You are saying, I think she is going to win this match.”

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