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Sam Roberts: "I am telling you right now, we are getting another Undertaker match"



On the latest episode of "Not Sam Wrestling," WWE Kickoff show/radio host Sam Roberts discussed the recent creative changes in WWE and how the show seems to be moving more towards more storylines and less wrestling. He also gave his thoughts on The Undertaker's documentary.

Sam Roberts talking about storylines coming back to RAW: “There was a big change in the way WWE was presented in the last 7 days. I think maybe it has a lot to do with the transition that was made from Paul Heyman doing RAW and Bruce Prichard doing SmackDown to Prichard doing both. Maybe it was just a company push and it happened to go along with these switches in heads of creative. Who knows? I found that watching RAW, NXT and SmackDown in the last 7 days, there has been a far more push on story and far less push on wrestling. This is something I have been saying WWE throughout all three brands desperately has needed to do since they started performing at the Performance Center, since they left the arenas. All long form wrestling matches are going to do is remind people how good this could have been. Best case scenario is that it would have been amazing, if it had been in an arena. I like that there is a lot happening on these shows. The dirty little secret is that it is not just about the matches. There is a lot that goes into professional wrestling and entertainment is a huge part of it, especially the TV. I am a huge proponent that wrestling television should primarily be about the stories and things happening, not just the matches. As much as everything has changed, wrestling on television was a push to get people into buildings. The only reason you had a wrestling TV show was an infomercial for big shows. You wouldn’t put big matches on TV. You would lead to big matches and if you want to see this big match, you have to buy a ticket to see it. As that business model started to fade away and television became more of a global product and not a market to market product, TV became more about, let’s use this TV to lead to Pay Per Views. We are still going to do these big matches throughout the world, but, ultimately, let’s use the TV to push toward PPV. In the last couple of years, I feel the business of TV, especially the WWE, has changed to being a content company. They adapted their business to go along with that. They realized they have to continue to evolve. The PPV model is not what it once was. As television as a whole becomes less and less of a strong commodity because of over the top streaming services and everything else that is out there to entertain people, let’s realize the content we put out there has a value. There is not that much live content you can put on television you can convince an audience that is must see TV. “

Sam talking about The Undertaker documentary: “I am telling you right now, we are getting another Undertaker match. I don’t care what this guy says. We are absolutely getting another Undertaker match. There is no doubt in my mind. I’m watching this thing. The Undertaker can’t fully say, I’m done. This documentary has created a much larger appreciation for the entire career and for the man Mark Calloway is and for the legend the Undertaker is. This documentary series put that man on people’s Mount Rushmore. When people talk about their Mount Rushmore, Austin gets mentioned, Michaels gets mentioned, Flair gets mentioned, Hogan gets mentioned, Dusty gets mentioned, sometimes Cena gets mentioned when they want to do something controversial. But, those are generally the names you hear. Sometimes every now and then, Bret will get a mention. All those names are fair by the way. I would never argue any of those names being on anybody’s Mount Rushmore. But, The Undertaker’s name does not get mentioned nearly enough. The whole quest, the entire reason the documentary exists is because all The Undertaker wants to do is repeat the moment he should have ended his career on, which was WrestleMania 28, in terms of moments. That’s the moment Taker wants, win or lose. If he loses, he loses an amazing match and puts somebody over forever. If he wins, he wants to win an amazing match. He hasn’t done either of those things since WrestleMania 28.”

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