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Sam Roberts podcast: Big Cass reveals WWE return date, talks about the end of Enzo Amore storyline, more



Thanks to Sam Roberts for the following:

This week on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Big Cass talked to Sam about when he's projected to be coming back, the Enzo storyline ending, learning Spanish while he's home, and more...


Cass on when he will be returning

"SR: we know around when you might be healthy enough?

BC: I am right on schedule for when the surgeon said so it should be shortly after WrestleMania."


Cass on when he knew he was injured, and the end of the Enzo storyline

"BC: I knew immediately as soon as I hit the floor, I felt it pop, I heard it pop and when I got up I couldn't put weight on it. I told the ref, I think I just tore my ACL but I think I can finish and that just didn't happen. The second I rolled out, 8-9 months I am out and I had just defeated Big Show at SummerSlam and I was rocking and rolling man.

SR: And that was the end of the Enzo storyline.

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BC: All I was thinking was it's just a huge setback man, I was very angry and very emotional, that's who I am as a person. Big Cass is going to be emotional and me as a human being, aside from Big Cass is going to be emotional in that situation. I always wanted to be here and doing this, finally on my own and on the up and I just got emotional, it's who I am."


Cass on what he's doing while at home

"SR:'re at home, what are you doing with yourself?

BC: Well, we just bought a new house in Tampa so pretty much I am rehabbing twice a day and then I'm training with Rob McIntyre, that's John Cena's trainer, getting back in shape lifting wise and then hanging round the house, fantasy football, I'm brushing up on my Spanish, so when I come back I'll be a little better at that.

SR: Oh my god, that's more so you can be like ah so WWE is a worldwide company.

BC: Yeah, I took four semesters in college and after that I was pretty good, but I haven't had any practice since so I'm just trying to go back and brush up on it."

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