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When Sami Zayn turned heel after years of being a babyface in WWE, some fans were disappointed to see him no longer use his ‘Worlds Apart’ theme song.

However, for Zayn, he had been long past wanting a new song. While speaking in a new interview with Metro, Zayn was said to be desperate to get the music changed.

“Honestly, I wanted to change that song for a while. I thought I had it for too long – two years too long, maybe three years too long Once I became a bad guy. I felt it should have switched right away. (Vince McMahon) had a bit of a different mindset about it, which I see his point. It reached a point where it didn’t match the character anymore. Especially when I was doing the conspiracy stuff. I have a soft spot for that conspiracy theory stuff because it was just so creatively stimulating at the time. All this to say, the music – I thought it was really good for my time in NXT, it was really good for my time early up on the main roster. But then the character evolved, and as the character evolves, I think that music – (Worlds Collide is) not even great music that can be applied to whatever. It can’t just go to any character, and as the character evolves – it felt very specific to that character, the plucky underdog.”

Zayn stated that it’s kind of sad because that time is over. He continued that he wants to change his current music and has worked with the music guys to find the right song that fits his current character.

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