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Sami Zayn believes WWE should use Bo Dallas more on television

Sami Zayn did a new interview with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda to talk about a wide range of topics.

During it, he talked about underrated talent in WWE. This is where he named Bo Dallas, who has been in the news as of late due to his status with the company.

Dallas hasn’t been used by WWE since late 2019. It was reported on Friday by Dave Meltzer that he’s been preparing for a life after pro wrestling while living on a farm with fellow WWE star Liv Morgan. Zayn thinks WWE should find a way to use Dallas. He also confirmed that Dallas hasn’t even been backstage at shows.

“I’m not even talking about pushing to the moon, but just pushing, using, I’d actually say Bo Dallas. People talk about underrated wrestlers a lot, my name will come up, Cesaro’s name will come up, and a bunch of guys, Dolph Ziggler, all these kind of people, names will come up a lot.

“Bo Dallas, in my opinion, is maybe the most talented person we have that doesn’t get, I mean, he’s not even being used. I know it’s totally hard, there’s only so much television time. We’ve got so many stories lined up, But I was with him in NXT at the time when he was NXT Champion. I know exactly what he’s capable of. I think he’s one of the most talented people we have that’s not getting even an inch. If I had [it] my way, I’d definitely showcase him a little bit more.”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found at the 2:52 mark):

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