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Sami Zayn celebrates big milestone in his charitable efforts and he’s putting his money where his mouth is

Sami Zayn is more than just The Underdog From The Underground. It turns out he has a big heart for the less fortunate all around the world.

We’ve previously covered Sami Zayn’s charitable efforts and even mentioned how Finn Balor was jumping on board to lend his support.

Sami is raising money for Syria and they’re already gathered an astonishing $48,000 for the cause. Their goal is to raise money for medical support for Syria. Zayn is working hard with SAMS to provide these services and considering how he’s putting his own money up for the cause it only shows how passionate Sami is for the endeavor.

Zayn said he will match dollar-for-dollar every bit of money raised for the charity up to $10,000. That’s a lot of caring.

The official mission statement for the charity is described below:

“Right now, there are 13.5 million people in need of assistance inside Syria. Struggling to survive the effects of siege, many Syrians remain isolated and suffer the effects of malnutrition and deteriorating health due to the lack of emergency and primary medical services and medications. SAMS provides medical care to these patients doorsteps in the form of Mobile Medical Units (MMU). By donating to Sami Zayn’s campaign today, you will help to purchase and prepare a vehicle for use as a MMU. You will also help fund the salaries of medical personnel, a driver, medications, supplies, vehicle fuel and maintenance. Click on Make a Donation (above)   **Donors outside the US, please donate here: DONATE TO SAMS

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