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Sami Zayn on possibly going to SmackDown Live, Goldberg defeating Kevin Owens at Fastlane, more

Sami Zayn recently spoke with The Mirror about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about possibly going to SmackDown Live. He said that he doesn’t know if he has a preference and in some ways going to SmackDown would be really cool as he feels that there are a lot of good opponents for him on the brand. He said that he could see himself in a pretty good spot up there, even wrestling for the WWE Championship. However, he feels like if he left tomorrow, then he would feel incomplete as there was more that he could have accomplished on RAW. He noted that he likes to leave each place better than he found it, so he wants to do more on RAW and make it a better place and accomplish more there before moving to SmackDown.

When asked about Goldberg defeating Kevin Owens in 21 seconds at Fastlane, he said that he is really split on this subject due to his history with Owens. “There’s a lot of history, it’s a pretty volatile relationship – especially where we’re at now. But at the same time look… this is still a guy that’s worked 15 years to come this close to being in the main event of WrestleMania and having it slip through his fingers right before it happens… part of me is glad it happened, but part of me feels like it sucks.” He said that sucks for Owens because he held the Universal Championship for a long time and being that close to actually defending it at WrestleMania, you kind of fall right before the finish line. He said that this is still a guy that he has known for 15 years and that it sucks to see that happen to him.

You can read the entire interview here.


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