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During his interview on "After The Bell," WWE star Sami Zayn was on to talk about his his current storyline with The Bloodline. He was asked what he thought when the idea of him being part of the Bloodline was talked about:

"I definitely saw the potential from the get go. It's one of those things that it's not something that you predict ahead of time, or it's not something that you think you want to see, or something that even you think would make sense, but in execution, and that's what I think this whole thing is coming down to is the execution of it all more than it is the concept because the concept is a bit strange. Well, the Bloodline is a family and here's this person who's clearly not family. The whole thing just doesn't make sense on paper. But it's a perfect example of when things work in execution more than they do on paper. So I'm not entirely surprised at the success of the segments or whatever that we've done, but it has still exceeded my expectations. Like I knew they would be good. I just didn't know the fans would take to it the way they have."

On what he thinks made his pairing with the Bloodline successful:

"It's commitment and it's also the contrast between the Usos and Roman and what they were doing. Also, they had a year, maybe even more, a year and a half, to really simmer and really establish these characters. So too have I had the last three, four years, maybe even five years, since I kind of switched to, you know, this bad guy kind of role, but especially over the last few years to really let my character simmer, and harden, and get established. So you have these two very clearly defined acts and the dynamic between these two acts that are established was so fun and interesting, and we're all committed to it, and we all know who we are. I think it's a testament to what I created before I got into the Bloodline and what they created before they got to this point. Now you take these things that are established, two really well established, well defined acts, mix them, and again, it doesn't sound like it should mix on paper, but then you see the execution and you're like, Oh, this is so enjoyable. I think that's what made it work."

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