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Sami Zayn mentions AEW during WWE Monday Night Raw


The first mention of AEW on WWE programming happened this week on Monday Night Raw during Corey Graves' "Electric Chair" segment with special guest Sami Zayn.

The guest consisted of fans asking any question that came to mind. The questions were simple including when Sami will retire, his thoughts on Becky Lynch, Braun Strowman and when will he wrestle for the Universal Championship.

Zayn was not happy with the questions that were asked and then said that they could have asked him anything including AEW. That got a reaction from the crowd as Corey Graves tried to change the subject.

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Many in the company have said that Zayn's promos are his idea but some of what he has been saying is also how Vince McMahon feels so it will be interesting to find out if the AEW mention was something McMahon approved.

Listen to Zayn mention AEW in the clip below.