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Sami Zayn on Johnny Knoxville, WWE run: "I’ve been having for the better part of two years now"



WWE SmackDown star Sami Zayn appeared on Peter Rosenberg's "Cheap Heat" podcast to promote WrestleMania 38. Zayn will face Johnny Knoxville this weekend.

Zayn was asked if he’s having fun with the Johnny Knoxville angle:

“Yeah, I’m having fun. I’m hoping that it resonates and the audience picks up on that. I’ve not been shy about saying how much fun I’ve been having for the better part of two years now. I think a big part of it is I don’t feel like I have to fight for TV time. I’m not on the periphery. I’m not on the sidelines, and that’s all it really takes to make me happy is something I can sink my teeth into. This Johnny Knoxville thing has been extremely fun. I don’t want to discredit or minimize it by saying I’ve been having fun for years. This has been particularly fun because it’s so unconventional because he’s not a conventional wrestler. He’s not even a conventional celebrity. So you get to do some really out of the box fun stuff and creative stuff that you wouldn’t get to do with anybody else. I’ve been having a blast. It’s been some of the most memorable stuff I’ve ever done.”

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Zayn said Knoxville is really committed to this angle:

“It’s clear that he’s committed. It’s clear that he’s engaged. Another big takeaway for me is how much our audience has gravitated towards him, which I appreciate because I think historically speaking, minus a Bob Barker or a Betty White who have this certain novelty to them, I feel our audience tends to boo non-wrestling personalities when they get into the world of wrestling. Johnny Knoxville, and I know this because I’ve been in the ring for pretty much every appearance he’s done, has gotten the loudest ovation of the night, every night he’s been out there. His music hits and it’s crazy. He gets in the ring and they are chanting, ‘Johnny.’ They love him.”

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