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Sami Zayn returns fire against xenophobic comments

Sami Zayn has very thick skin but that is probably just part of the job when you’re a WWE Superstar. He’s proud of his Syrian heritage and right now we are in an interesting time in our country’s history, to say the least.

We’re not going to get too political here because this is a pro wrestling website but Sami Zayn liked a tweet from Keith Ellis and when a certain Twitter follower noticed they responded saying, “Hey Sami, I see you liked that ridiculous and inaccurate tweet by Keith Ellis. Would you let your wife or kids go to any of those 7 countries on the travel ban? I doubt it, so don’t cry when we try to keep them out of our country. We should ban Canadiens too if so naive.”

Zayn took a moment to reflect and I’m sure he took a deep breath as well. Then the currently injured Underdog From The Underground replied by saying: “Yeah I would because I’m not a scared little b-tch who fears other countries and cultures. Also, leave my hockey team out of your xenophobic ramblings.”

This was quite a comeback from Sami Zayn who might have a lot to say right now on the subject matter. In case you were wondering what tweet Sami liked that caused this whole issue, you will find that attached below.


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